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Photography that makes you look twice

Get the beautiful visuals that showcase your product or service that you need to grow your business.

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I'm Pam, Your new creative friend

Commercial and personal branding photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I work with businesses and brands to create imagery that is clean, intentional and fun — but most importantly, I create images that increase their sales and revenue and position them as industry leaders.

I look at your business from the ground up in order to create images that have people looking twice.

Photographer, Educator,
Chip Fiend

Whether it’s for a new product or offering you want to bring to market, images you need for your lifestyle blog and business, or a new business venture all together, I've got you covered with beautiful branding and commercial photography.

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3 GREAT PRODUct Photography Backdrops

You already have at home

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3 tips for

better product

When I figured out how to use natural light to shape my photos, it was an aha moment, but my goodness was the setup SO. JANKY.

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what's in

My product photography bag?

Wanna take a peek into my camera bag and see all the tricks of the trade that I use in my day-to-day branding and product photography work?

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Finding the right product photography backdrops at home might feel easier said than done, but I promise you already have more options at your fingertips than you think.

ready to level up your business?

Your brand through images.

I'm here to create photos for your business that not only has people turning heads, but stopping to look twice.
If you're looking for images that will help increase your revenue and sales and position you as an industry leader, let's talk about how we can work together.



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