1:1 business coaching

For ambitious women who know they're made for something more

Let's work together to grow your business sustainably and tap into your version of success without needing to sacrifice your health

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This 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you meet or sustain your revenue goals while reclaiming your precious time and energy for rest, play, or to focus on whatever lights you up.

If you're a woman who's ready to be resourceful, take action, and wants someone who can support and celebrate you along the way...let's talk!

Imagine if you could...

+ Start your mornings at your own pace with excitement and ease instead of rolling out of bed and going straight to your desk

+ Spend most of your time in creative flow and work on projects that light up your heart

+ Expand your finances without having to sacrifice all your energy, joy, and wellbeing

+ increase your bandwidth to transition between client meetings, creative projects, and personal activities without feeling overwhelmed

Well, I'm here to tell you it's possible for you my friend!

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+ work shorter days and mentally unplug faster so you can go enjoy the rest of your life

+ Know exactly what to prioritize and the steps to get yourself where you want to go in life & biz

This is for...

Women entrepreneurs and creatives that match the majority or all of the following criteria:


You’ve been in business for 2 or more years


You are empowered to make changes in your life, know what you want, and have a general understanding of the current gaps in your business


You want clear and actionable strategies and a personalized plan to help you achieve your business goals


You feel that as your business grows, your workload only seems to increase and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed and may be getting close to running on empty


You want more clients/customers who make you feel like pinching yourself because the're the exact kind of person you’ve always dreamed of working with


You want to feel more confident in yourself to show up and sell your product/service 


You want more time freedom from your work for more rest and play


You’d like to show up more confidently in your business as your true self instead of hiding behind your brand in order to fit in and be successful in business


You want your own personal cheering squad and someone who is invested in not only helping you grow your business sustainably, but genuinely thrilled to celebrate your wins with you


You are ready to say YES to yourself

three years ago, i was exhausted, anxious, and at the end of my rope.

I was running a thriving photography and digital marketing business with clients that made me pinch myself because it felt too good to be true to be doing work that filled up my cup and bank account.

The problem was that while I loved my clients, the workload became overwhelming over the years and the stress of never ending deadlines began to take its toll. I would cry to and from every job and developed physical symptoms because I was so anxious about trying to keep it together while being stretched so thin.

It didn't matter if the work filled my cup, because the cup had a massive hole at the bottom. Instead of growing my business to support the life I wanted, I was rearranging my life to fit the demands of my career; I knew it was only a matter of time until things came crashing down, and crash it did. 

When everything began to unravel, I knew I had to make a decision: continue down the same unsustainable path and risk my long-term happiness and well-being, or prioritize my health and reshape my business into something that supported my wellness AND professional goals.

As the child of immigrants, I was taught to work hard, for long hours, and to do it all. As silly as it may sound, it was a scary leap to leave that mindset behind because it had worked out for me up until that point. But what I found on the other side was that I regained my mental and physical health, I was able to tap into feelings of joy and gratitude more often, and it was easier than anticipated to rebuild my business in a more sustainable and fulfilling way.

I found harmony and got my peace back, and I want that for you too.

No more overwhelming workloads, no more moving the goal posts for when you allow yourself to rest, no more panic attacks or crying between jobs, and no more saying "Sleep? I don't know her".

You deserve to financial success without having to compromise your health at every turn. And I want to help you get there.

If you're ready, I'm here. Let's get started.

So why work with me?

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The Format

2 one-hour coaching calls OR
4 thirty-minute coaching calls each month

Voice note access for weekly accountability, asynchronous coaching, and implementation 



Minimum 3 month commitment

Next steps

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