3 Great Product Photography Backdrops You Already Have At Home

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6 multicoloured Origami coffee drippers sitting on white boxes on a baby blue backdrop

Finding the right product photography backdrops at home might feel easier said than done, but I promise you have more options than you think. When you’re starting out, simple is best and solid coloured backdrops (which I still use all the time) is key to simple, straightforward, and easy-to-take product photos.

Here are 3 at home product photography backdrops you probably have that you can start using today.

At Home Product Photography Backdrops

Amber glass candle sitting on stack of 3 books beside a glass mug filled with matcha latte on a bookshelf

1. Neutral Coloured Wall

While white walls make for easiest and cleanest of all backdrops, neutral coloured walls will work in a pinch.

Why this works:

Neutral coloured walls will give you a clean and minimalist look and when you’re starting out and learning the ropes of product photography, it allows you to make composition adjustments more easily (aka with a busier print sometimes it’s harder to discern if it’s the backdrop chosen that’s the issue or the composition itself).

Product listing photos tend to do better on e-commerce sites on white coloured backdrops (can be easier for people to shop), so the closer to neutral you can get, the better.  

Lush green and orange autumn floral arrangement in terracotta coloured vase designed by Cory Christopher sitting on white linen bedsheet

2. Bed Sheets

Whether neutral coloured or a specific brand colour palette, I’ve used bed sheets in a pinch and they’re great because it still gives a clean minimal look while adding subtle texture.

Why this works:

Just like the neutral coloured wall, we stay clean and minimal but the added texture from the material itself or the draping of the fabric can add some interest.

Hot tip: remember to steam/iron your sheets before using them for a clean wrinkle free look. Depending on the kind of brand you have, product photography on a wrinkled backdrop can change the perception and value of your products for better or worse.

1 green and blue Rogue Wave Coffee bag beside 1 pink and blue Rogue Wave Coffee bag sitting on blue and pink background

3. Poster Paper

Poster paper or poster board, is one of my favourite backdrops for product photography that won’t break the bank. It comes in every colour of the rainbow, white, and black, which makes customizing backdrops a snap and for about $1 a piece, what’s not to love?

Why this works

2 sheets of poster paper allows you to create a “floor and wall” sort of backdrop and you can easily customize the colours to your liking

Hot tip: the best way to create a product photography backdrop with poster paper is to prop a table or low cabinet up against a wall. Tape 1 sheet of poster paper to the wall and the other one to top of the cabinet to create your “floor and wall” product photography set up. In a pinch I’ve also used my dining room floor and adjacent wall!


Good product photography backdrops don’t have to be flashy and expensive. The goal of product photography is to showcase our products and art to our audience in a way that attracts them to want to learn, interact with, and purchase them. Easy to find household items like a bed sheet and poster paper, or a good neutral coloured wall can look great for product photography done at home, don’t be afraid to experiment with what you already have!

Looking to learn more about the ins and out of product photography for your small business?

Check out The Photo Map, my online course where I’ll teach you everything you need to know about planning content and product photography.

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