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Hi, I'm Pam

Welcome to our very first photo composition class!

If you’ve participated in Photo Class with me before on IG, I’ve moved it over to my website so you can go back and watch previous lessons (or ramblings, whatever you want to refer to them as) again and a again.

This Week’s Lesson

This short and sweet photo composition lesson this week focuses on hero images, what is a hero image and why they work so well. I’ll show you 4 different examples of hero images that while similar in the basic concept, are wildly different in creation and execution.

Main Takeways

  • Hero images showcases a product in a way that is eye catching and prominent. In product photography, these images usually feature a single product, usually in the centre of the image and is meant to catch the viewer’s eye immediately. Hero images can be used in a variety of ways but one of the most important for e-commerce brands is as a website header.
  • The angle a photograph is taken can change the perspective and feeling of a product. Products photographed at a lower angle (shooting upwards) can exude a sense of power and dominance.
  • Contrasting backgrounds can make hero images pop
  • The colour and tone of your backdrop can change the perceived perception and value of the product you are selling

Ready to learn more on photo composition for hero images?

Check out my latest freebie, How To Take Better Product Photos With An iPhone in 7 Minutes

I’ll show you 3 different techniques to creating better product photos and demonstrate how small adjustments to your set up can entirely change your images.

Best yet, all you need is your smartphone to get started. 🙂

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