A quick method to planning holiday content for social media and marketing

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How to plan holiday content

Coming up with holiday content to promote your products on your website and social media sometimes feels like it’s easier said than done. 

Raise your hand if you feel like creating content is like throwing spaghetti against the wall. 

While there are so many ways to schedule and plan content (and this is yet another one), the best one for you is going to be the one that’s easiest, simplest, and most streamlined — whatever that may look like. 

And if you’re reading this now at the time of posting (third week of November), now is CRUNCH TIME.

But don’t fret, if you feel like you’re behind on your holiday marketing — you still got time! It ain’t over, until it’s over. 

So let’s do some quick and dirty content planning and scheduling for this holiday season.


  1. Share your market dates
  2. Use a thematic approach to your content: pick a theme for each week and run with it
  3. Overwhelmed? Post once a week
  4. Need a kick in the pants? Check the schedule template idea down below
  5. Download the freebie holiday content list at the bottom!

One of the most important things to remember for holiday marketing!

Add market dates and where you’ll be around town or where your products are currently sold to your schedule. I would recommend talking about those market dates at least once a week and in the final week leading up to the market day, share about it at least 3-4 times even if it’s re-sharing a post on your IG stories, talking to the camera, or sending out a reminder to your email list.

Example of how to do it:

  • Week of market:
    • Posted a couple times on social (IG, Tik Tok, Facebook)
    • Re-share past posts in your stories on IG
    • Send an email to your newsletter the beginning of the week, the day before, and the day of reminding everyone.

And if this list seems super overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be! Keep them short and sweet and get to the point. Even a one liner that says “Find me at X market later this week!” is better than nothing. 

At this point in time when holiday marketing gets saturated, we want to keep popping up in people’s feeds and inboxes to stay top of mind.

Okay what about the rest of my holiday marketing content?

  • Pick a theme for each week and talk about it! That way you’re using the same content for a whole week and recycling the materials over and over.

For the overwhelmed or new to holiday marketing

  • If you’re feeling really overwhelmed about sharing on social, start by posting once a week and work your way up from there as you find your workflow rhythm; if you have an email list I do recommend taking the extra step to email them too, even if it’s the exact same content that you’re posting on social.
    • Bonus: If other people are already sharing your stuff, share those posts, clips, stories with your audience to recycle their content

For the seasoned marketer who just needs a kick in the pants

  • If you’re ready to start sharing and need a kick in the pants to get going again, take your weekly themes and dive a little bit deeper into it and create themed days to share your weekly content in new ways.
  • Example: One of my weekly topics was how different backgrounds change product perception. Throughout the week, I talk about the same concept over and over again in new ways and in different formats (checklist vs. audio vs. video)
    • Created a 7 second reel showing 1 product on different backdrops
    • Created a checklist for how to set up a backdrop in a home studio
    • Weekly photo composition class was focused on how backdrops change
    • Email list: sent out the checklist and photo composition class
  • Example for a cookie shop: talk about their top 3 best sellers
    • Share a poll of which one is everyone’s favourite cookie out of the 3 best sellers
    • Share testimonials or reviews that affirm why these are everyone’s top choices
    • A behind the scenes look of the cookies getting made
    • Another behind the scenes look of the cookies getting baked
    • Talk about why these cookies are the biggest hits all year long

Try out this template

  • Monday: Why your products make for good holiday gifts 
  • Tuesday: Testimonials or reviews
  • Wednesday: where you can find your products or any upcoming markets
  • Thursday: Questions you get asked all the time about your products or business
  • Friday: Personal stuff about you! 🙂

And I know, it truly is always going to be easier said than done — but I hope that this holiday content post gives you some ideas on what content you can bring to your social media platforms and email lists, and while I recommend taking only what you need from this post, the best way to ensure success is to plan time in your schedule for working on content and to batch it as much as you can.

If you want more ideas for holiday content, check out this freebie below

I’ve created a tear sheet for you! Use this list: Easy Holiday Content Ideas for Small Business Owners to jumpstart your brain and get creating new and engaging content that your audience will love and interact with!

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