Photo Class: 4 Holiday Flat Lay Ideas

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Hi, I'm Pam

Learn how to create 4 different holiday product flat lays to share and sell your products online.

In this video I cover some basic flat lay techniques and the composition tricks to use to recreate them. I then cover 2 more complex but fun flat lays that can jazz up your products for the holiday season.

Looking for more advice on holiday marketing? Check out my scheduling guide and this cheat sheet filled with holiday content ideas.

Remember to check out the take away guide below!

Main Takeaways

  • We humans like to categorize things. When looking at a photo, we categorize objects as our brain tries to give the scene context
  • Grouping your products in odd numbers or the amount of objects in a photo will always be more pleasing to the eye
  • In the Western World, we read from left to right and our eyes sweep in the same motion when viewing a photo. Placing props in the corners of your photo can help the eye move through the photo
  • Repetition of props like candy canes can be a fun way to bring in the holiday feeling. Stick to 1 or 2 prop types only to avoid visual overwhelm
  • Use props like ribbon to create a tree shape and place your products on the tree like ornaments. Make sure to keep your bulkier items to the base of your “tree”

Further Education

If you want great product photos that work for you instead of working for them, buy my composition guide. This guide made with small businesses in mind.

Learn what makes for a good photo, so you can catch your customers eye faster (and get your products in their hands)!!

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