Photo Class: 4 Easy Flat Lay Ideas for Cookies

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Hi, I'm Pam

For today’s sweet lesson, we’re looking at 4 different flat lay ideas for cookies — one of my favourite treats! This class was requested from a member of my community, and I’m excited to share with you some easy ways to create flat lays.

I’ll take you through the reasons why these flat lays are simple yet effective, and how to recreate them at home yourself.

Make sure to check out the takeaway guide down below the video!

Main Takeaways

  • Line up your cookies (or other products) in a 5×5 grid or larger on a clean surface or parchment paper.

    To take your photo, bring your phone close to the cookies to take an up close shot. Make sure that some of the cookies look like they’re cut out of the frame so it looks like they extend out forever.

    Our eyes like repetition and seeing the cookies repeat makes them feel like there’s lots of them This photo idea is easy to copy to other products you might have as well.

  • Creating lifestyle product photos can be simple. Elements like a hand holding a mug or wrapping presents add a human touch. It also allows the viewer to imagine themselves in the scene.

  • Placing your products in an “S” shape in photos allows the eyes to move through a photo. In the video example, some cookie overlap in the “S” shape makes it seem thrown together instead of staged. (Which is what we want here!)

  • Ues similar toned backdrops and props allow your products to shine front and center. If you plan to use lots of props, make sure there is enough space between your products in the center. The props will create a frame within a frame effect around your product.

Further Education

Want more flat lay ideas for cookies? Check out this video featuring 4 other Holiday Flat Lay Ideas, and grab the Holiday Content Cheat Sheet for easy and effective content ideas that will resonate with your audience!

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