Photo Class: 4 Ways to Style Gift Boxes for Photos

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Wondering about how to style gift boxes for photos? If you’re a business with pre-made gift boxes for sale this holiday season, this lesson is for you!

I love themed gift boxes as it makes holiday shopping easy for consumers. But taking photos of the boxes and goodies inside can sometimes be easier said than done.

But not to worry! I have 4 examples of how to style gift boxes for photos to share with you. And I’ll show you why these images are effective and interesting. For each example, I’ll also walk you through how to set up a similar photo at home for your own gift boxes.

Remember to check out the takeaway guide down below!

How to Style Gift Boxes for Photos — Main Takeaways

  • Before taking photos of your box from above, add in packing material or a folded up tea towel in the box for more height You want your products to be sitting close to flush with the top of the box so customers can see the product labels.
    (Versus having the products sit in the bottom of the box and the box walls cast a shadow on the labels).
  • Have your photos do double duty by first setting up a neutral scene without any props. Take your photo now so you have an image that you can use all year long.
    Afterwards, add in your holiday props and style however you like. Take your second photo and use this for your holiday campaigns.
  • When creating flat lays, using objects like ribbon from the packaging to “swirl” through the image can create movement for the eyes to follow
  • Ensure your flat lays aren’t top heavy! If you want to showcase many products, keep the top of your image sparse and focus more of the product near the bottom of the photo. Place lighter coloured objects near the top and darker objects on the bottom if applicable. (see cookie on blue backdrop example in the video (7:00))
  • Use props like wooden boards to create height and layers to display your products. Add your closed gift box in the background to create the visual connection that your products belong in this set

Further Education

Check out these other holiday posts I’ve created to help you create better photos for your business!

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