3 Last Minute Money Making Ideas for Product Based Businesses

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3 Last Minute Money Making Ideas for Product Based Businesses

This list of last minute money making ideas is a slam dunk for 2 reasons.

  1. It’ll help boost holiday revenue up until the 25th
  2. Your customers will thank you for saving their butts when it comes to gift giving

While what I’m going to share might seem simple, it’s effective since holiday buyers fatigue has set in. If we can streamline our last minute product offerings, there’s less friction to make a sale.

Which’ll make both you and your customers jump for joy.

So with this in mind, what could our main product offerings a few days before Christmas look like?

I recommend focusing on these 3 things: gift cards, subscriptions, and in-person deliveries.

Why it works

Gift cards can be purchased at the last minute and can take some of the buying pressure off gift giving. And for us, they have little to no fulfillment needed on the business side.

I love subscriptions because in this case, the first one sent out will always be in January. It’s one of my favourite items to promote for 2 reasons. The first, is that they can be purchased at any time, and have a longer fulfillment period on the business side. The second is that it’s the gift that keeps giving throughout the year for the recipient.

Adding a delivery service can be a great last minute money making idea if you have the capacity for it. Like I mentioned, buyers fatigue is real during December. Convenience is king!

A delivery service will give them peace of mind that they’ll receive their gifts before the 25th.

The angle I like to take for this is:

  • Customers get to support local businesses
  • No last minute shipping deadlines to worry about

How to reach your audience

Send them a short email letting them know about your last minute offerings. Make sure when you’re writing that you’re speaking to last minute shoppers.

Share your last minute offerings on social media. Tell them the next steps they need to take to buy your products. Example: link to products are in bio, products tagged in the post

On your website put up:

  • A pop up box
  • Banner at the top
  • Or change the header image of your homepage to share the offerings you have

Make sure to have clickable links!


Okay, so how are you feeling? We’re 5 days away from Christmas at the time of posting.

You’ve got this, my friend.

You now have 3 new money making ideas for the last part of the holiday push.

Gift cards, subscriptions, and delivery services can be the add ons that tip the scales in your favour.

Whether you use these tips to get to the finish line, or you’ve already closed up shop for the year, I’m proud of you.

If you found this article helpful, I would love for you to let me know. 🙂

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