Note to Self: Why Honouring Your Current Capacity Leads To Energetic Expansion

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Hi, I'm Pam

Accidentally drinking sleepytime tea and missing that it tastes nothing like Earl Grey until halfway through the cup at 8 AM is the energy I unfortunately brought into this week. 

If you were here with me last week, you’ll know I was at a gymnastics competition for 5 days judging and let me tell ya friend, working 12-13 hour days while being on top of your game the entire time is HARD; it essentially felt like I photographed 3 weddings back to back with hangover symptoms. 

I don’t recommend it.

But it’s given me perspective and an appreciation for my body letting me know that this week, what I need to focus on is deep rest. Which can be hard when you’re creating a startup with no co-founder to take the reigns. 

Because when I stop, everything stops. And there can be an undercurrent of fear, guilt, and shame present when I start tying my self-worth to my business and productivity. Have you ever felt like that?

If you haven’t, I commend you. And if you have (like I have), I still think you’re a rock star.

This week has been interesting so far because while I’ve essentially felt like a pylon knocked over on the side of the road, I’m okay with it.

2 or 3 years ago I would’ve got back up and kept going like I hadn’t just put in 48 hrs of work in 4 days. Because I was running on survival mode: pumped full of adrenaline at all times and truly believed I could sleep when I was dead. 

But now that I’ve managed to get myself out of survival mode, rewired my mindset, and have a healthier nervous system, things like last week have left me feeling wiped out. And that’s normal.

When we feel like we need to do it all, we get nothing done — and a colleague sent me this IG carousel I’ll link to because it’s beautifully said and my Note to Self of the week:

Note to Self: Honoring the capacity you have today, expands your capacity for tomorrow – Lexy Florentia

Now onto this week’s recap, and I decided to present it with an alignment chart because it’s ~*FUN*~

If you were here for the first 2 iterations of Note to Self, changing up how I share what I do weekly into an alignment chart is a great example of why just getting started is going to get you to where you wanna go. Because clarity comes from taking action, and I probably wouldn’t have got to this point without trying out a bunch of different things until I found what I liked. And I might change it in the future, who knows!

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