Note to Self: Why Pausing and Intention is So Important In Our Business

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Hi, I'm Pam

How was your weekend? Mine was a busy one and while my heart is filled up to the brim with joy, your girl Pam is TIRED.

Anyways, let me share our second edition of Note to Self and do a quick recap.

Note to self: Remember to pause and enjoy the fruits of your labor

Reminding myself today that there is a younger version of me that dreamt of the life I have now — I can enjoy and appreciate what I’ve built up to this point in the present moment, while also looking ahead towards the future.

Here’s a recap of last week that’s worth noting

  • 2 out of 5 of my customer interviews didn’t pan out: 1 didn’t fit the interview and 1 was a no show! Data and insight gained was super valuable from the 3 meetings I had
  • Did not find more people to interview because I got caught up in other work — now needing to find 15-18 more people to interview 
  • Applied for 1 out 2 grants I said I would because it was an exercise of nerve — I still have 1 I need to apply for and it makes me feel a lot of emotions!!!
  • This is what I looked like by Wednesday night when I had a breakthrough about all the lovely folks who’ve been attracted to Bloom’s vision:

Actions I’m taking this week:

  • Focusing on ideating this afternoon with a colleague because I feel like there’s a big ol’ mental hurdle to overcome. Full transparency: when you hear me talk about Bloom it takes me like 10 minutes to paint you the picture of the transformation it provides, I need to make it more succinct and I feel like the answer is right in front of my face and I can’t see it yet
  • Sleeping — a lot of sleeping and resting…because I’m spending Wednesday until Sunday at a gymnastics competition judging! If you didn’t know, I used to be on Team Canada for trampoline gymnastics, and nationals is this week!
  • Instead of trying to work in the margins of my day (I’ll be judging 10-12 hours/day), surrender to the fact that gymnastics is about to take over my life for 5 days straight and I’ll pick up where I left off next week

Things that are going well:

  • Clarity around my messaging for Bloom is getting better but it’s still not where I need it to be
  • I was interviewed on a podcast this morning and it will be released tomorrow — the episode is focused on my 100 coffee dates in a 100 days journey!

Not so hot: 

  • Still feeling exhausted and not getting the quality sleep I need
  • Probably trying to do too many things at once
  • Probably trying to see all the people and do all the things because our summers are so short and trying to cram it all in is not a great strategy

I think these are a fun, non-traditional but un-trackable set of KPIs I have going on right now — at some point I’ll need to come up with more measurable KPIs, but I kinda like this loosey-goosey model. It makes me feel like I’m just writing to my ol’ pal, doesn’t it?

On another note, gymnastics competitions usually suck everything out of me, but since this one is in my home city, I’m curious to see if that lil bit of separation and being able to come back into my own space will make a difference?

We’ll find out next Monday I guess! Until then my friend, I hope you have a great day 🙂

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