Note to Self: The Most Important Thing To Remember When Defining Your Why

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Hi, I'm Pam

I’ve essentially been a plastic bag in the wind for most of 2023 and it’s been tough at times. 

I haven’t been able to hit my stride and show up in the way I wanted to this year, so we’re going to shake things up.

And while I’ve been busy behind the scenes, I don’t think anyone really knows what I’ve been up to. So I’m going to be pulling back the curtain, and show you the steps I’m taking every week to build my new business.

So let me introduce you to: Note to Self

Note to Self refers to the literal notes I’m making for myself as I go through the process, and if you’re thinking about starting your own business or are on the journey of growing one, then let’s do it together! 

I’ll be sharing the highs, lows, wins, setbacks, ALL OF IT in this newsletter. 

Call it the most radical form of accountability I’ve ever committed myself to, but I’d like to think of you dear reader, as a shareholder who wants to stay up to date with how Bloom is growing. 

So here’s the first Note to Self.

Note to Self: When you’re thinking about or defining your “why”, don’t forget to add your own name to the top of the list. Remember first and foremost: “I am doing this for ME”

Here are the actions I’m taking this week to move my vision forwards:

  • 6 ideal customer interviews to continue fleshing out the customer profile of Bloom
  • Find 14 more people to interview and complete interviews by the end of July
  • 1 meeting with another startup founder to ideate
  • Attending week 3 of 5 of a business accelerator tomorrow night to continue to refine Bloom’s messaging
  • 1 networking lunch to soft pitch Bloom
  • Finish applying for 2 different grants

Other things happening this week:

  • Hosting 3 virtual co-working sessions for Bloom members this week
  • Hosting our virtual Sunday morning coffee for Bloom members
  • Photographing wedding on Saturday
  • Mastermind meeting

Things that are going well:

  • Still moving forwards and gaining more clarity even though it feels like it’s happening at a glacial pace on the outside
  • Feeling supported by the squad of business besties I’ve built over the last 4 months

Not so hot:

  • I’m an extroverted introvert and my energy has been tanking with the deeper level of introspection and conversation I’ve had over the last month while networking
  • Restless leg syndrome is killing my sleep hygiene which throws my morning routine out the window which usually leads to mornings tinged with self loathing and guilt, which then kills morning productivity

So that’s Note to Self for this week and I’m not going to lie, the way I’ve formatted it…this reads like a shitty first draft. But here’s the thing about putting something out into the world for the first time, it can only go up from here.

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Note to self

With Note to Self, Pam's pulling back the curtain and showing wins, challenges, and everything in between.

Think of Note to Self as a weekly check in to compare notes together. And if you're actively growing your first or second business or considering jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, Note to Self is for you. 

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