5 Things To Keep In Mind When Planning A Winter Wedding

Canmore Winter Engagement Ideas
With the landscape of how we are allow to gather socially changing weekly, it feels like a moving target to plan an event. Do you have a smaller gathering? Move it into the winter months? Do you have a smaller gathering in the winter months? Only you can decide what is best for you, but if you’re considering celebrating your nuptials once the snow falls, here are some things that can get your mind going.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Location Ideas | Edmonton, Alberta

Glam never seemed better

Whether it’s the cold or earlier nights that greet us in the winter, we tend to reach towards darker and rich tones when it’s time to dress up. Think of layering textured fabrics such as velvet and fur (faux or otherwise) with jewel tones or darker shades. If you go this route, your bridal party will visually pop against the stark white background, and you can rest assured that the comfort thicker fabrics and coverings provide will lead to less chattering teeth and scrunched shoulders during the photos. Also, nothing says glam and extravagant the way (faux) fur does.

Outdoor Winter Wedding Portrait Idea | Edmonton, Alberta
A blank slate, literally

If your event falls within December to February, you’re almost guaranteed that the ground will be completely blanketed in snow, which leaves you with a clean white backdrop for your photos. It’s a completely different type of romance to have your photos taken in the snow, and if you’re looking for texture or a bit of interest, think of locations where there may be coniferous trees (like pine or spruce), or an interesting rock face or frozen waterfall should we be in the mountains.

You’ll never remember how cold you were

I say this to my clients all the time as we stand outside and they’re wondering what they got themselves into, but I promise, this is true!! You’ll be so happy with your images and the fun you’re going to have on your wedding day anyways, that I promise if you’re willing to withstand the cold, we will create some magical images. Is it snowing too? Well then, you’re in for a different type of dreamy that will look out of a storybook.

Warm hands, warm heart

And yes, while I did say that you won’t remember how cold you were when you look at your images, it doesn’t mean I want you to suffer! Stay cozy, have blankets available and vehicles nearby. Taking breaks and warming up does help, and the last thing we want is for you or your entourage to feel miserable throughout the experience, this is supposed to be fun! Wearing warm socks and boots, having hand warmers available, and staying cozy in your photos by layering up with blankets, shawls, or furs will make for a happier and smoother experience for everyone. Also consider having a second indoor location in mind should the weather take a turn.

Canmore Winter Engagement Ideas


There are only so many weekends in a year, and living in the Canadian prairies where the long hot summer days we yearn for are very short lived, those weekends are busy ones. Events happening during the so-called off season means that you’ll have a better chance at nabbing all your dream vendors in one fell swoop, instead of choosing a date based on key vendor availability. If there are certain vendors you are vying to have, this might be the opportunity to secure them. While I don’t want to make this a huge topic and put a ton of emphasis on this to make you feel pressured, I do think it’s a helpful consideration during the tentative planning stages.

So that’s it! Winter weddings are something out of a dream and I hope that this quick guide helps you if you’re thinking of making it happen. If you’re having your wedding in the summer but want your engagement photos done once the snow falls, let’s dream it up and make it a reality. When you live in a winter city covered in snow 6 months out of the year, it is nice to honour that and remember that there is still beauty and wondrous things to behold all year round.