Graphic designer Jordan Cotton and I discuss some of the biggest mistakes artists and creatives make and why these misconceptions *won't* save your business.

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The 3 Biggest Branding Mistakes Artists and Creatives Make

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We’re talking about the three biggest mistakes that artists and creatives make when it comes to branding their business. And for those who you joining might not know, Jordan Cotton, she is a graphic designer based out of the US, and this is the abridged version of our chat on IG Live about the 3 […]

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Advice you need to know about money and taxes for Canadian small business owners, creatives, and freelancers

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If you are a Canadian small business, creative and/or freelancer, this is the advice you need to know on money and taxes. As a freelancer and creative myself, money can seem like a stressful and scary topic to broach, but in the last couple years as I’ve taken charge of my own finances, I’ve seen […]

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Branding Photography

Maria M. Consulting | Edmonton Brand Photography

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Having a bank of images as a small business or consultant is important for showcasing products or services you provide, and finding the right photographer in the world of branding photography to create your images can be a make or break for your future success. When putting this brand session together for Maria M. Consulting, […]


Why You Need Strong Brand Images & The Difference Between Branding and Product Photography

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Maybe you’re wondering, are strong brand images (or photos) really worth it for my business? Think about it this way, is there a certain business, or company that when you think of their name, an image comes to mind instantly? For example, when you think about a big global brand like Coca-Cola, can you immediately […]

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I'm Pam, Your new creative friend

Commercial and personal branding photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I work with businesses and brands to create imagery that is clean, intentional and fun — but most importantly, I create images that increase their sales and revenue and position them as industry leaders.

I look at your business from the ground up in order to create images that have people looking twice.

Photographer, Educator,
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ready to level up your business?

Your brand through images.

I'm here to create photos for your business that not only has people turning heads, but stopping to look twice.
If you're looking for images that will help increase your revenue and sales and position you as an industry leader, let's talk about how we can work together.



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