What would life look like if you weren't alone on your creative journey?

How would your business change if you had a supportive community cheering you on every step of the way? 

Especially if your current support network doesn't know or have the skills to support you and your vision.

You start with excitement, sharing your plans with family and friends, but you soon hit roadblocks. You hit mindset struggles, a lack of resources or time, no one to brainstorm with, and it leaves you feeling stuck and by yourself. 

The creative journey can often feel like a solitary one.

But you're not alone.

I didn’t have the resources, direction, or community I needed in order to build a vibrant and successful business. 

But now, almost a decade later, I’ve created the space where diverse creatives who don’t want to lose sight of their authenticity while growing heart-centered businesses can come together.

I know this from personal experience. When I started my entrepreneurial journey nine years ago, I struggled to find my footing.

Bloom: The cReative Membership

So let me introduce you to...

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Bloom: The Creative Membership offers a unique solution to the challenges that historically marginalized creatives face and provides you with a supportive community that understands and shares your journey.

As a Bloom member, you’ll have access to a network of like-minded individuals who are dedicated to helping you succeed in your creative endeavours. With our community, you’ll never walk alone on your journey. You’ll have the support, guidance, and resources to grow a business that honours your creative energy and unique story.

Bloom was built on the ethos that every creative, regardless of their background, deserves a safe and inclusive space to belong to.

Our framework is built on three main principles: identity, connection, and visibility.

Bloom is for:

Women, people of colour, the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community, Disabled, Non-binary folks, and other historically excluded groups

Creative entrepreneurs who want to break generational patterns and work from a safe place that honours their creative energy 

Folks who believe that their creative gifts have the power to change their lives and want to take the next step in a supportive community

What you get when you join

An Inclusive & Diverse online community

Growing your creative business is like a marathon, and just like a real marathon, you're never running alone. I believe that building a successful creative business doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale your business, connecting with a supportive community filled with like-minded creatives can be an essential resource.

The Bloom community is where you can share your challenges and wins, ask for feedback and support, and learn from others who have been there before.

In the Bloom community, you'll have access to our exclusive members-only Facebook group where you can connect with other creatives every day. Additionally, you can tap into our member directory to find your next business partner, hire, podcast guest, and more.

Business & Life education built specifically for historically marginalized Creatives

At Bloom, we believe that growing your creative business shouldn't mean sacrificing your values or sense of self. That's why we've created a heart-centered framework to guide our members in both business and life.

Each month, we focus on a new theme and provide education and resources to help you grow in a way that feels aligned with your purpose and passions.

Whether you're looking to level up your marketing skills or develop a daily self-care practice, Bloom has got you covered. We can't wait to see you bloom and thrive in our supportive community!

monthly online networking events & workshops (coming soon)

One thing I love most is bringing people together! That's why at Bloom we host monthly online networking events for our members to connect and collaborate in real-time. These events are a chance for you to get to know your fellow Bloom members, make new friends, and potentially find your next business partner or collaborator.

We also plan to host workshops in the future where we bring in different creative entrepreneurs as guest speakers to teach masterclasses on a variety of topics related to business, creativity, and personal growth.

THE BLOOM Framework


Every creative has a unique story and experiences that shapes who they are and what they bring to the table. We believe that to light up the world, we must lean into our values and authenticity. Our approach takes time to re-examine not only your business identity, but your personal one as well in order to show up as your highest self.


Creating genuine relationships and growing a strong support system for you and your business is key to your success. The creative journey can be lonely at times, and having a community to rely on can make all the difference in your personal and professional growth.


The more visible you become, the more it magnifies who you truly are. Wouldn't it be nice to show up for your business in a way that's always true to your character AND it's fun?

So you might be thinking, WHAT DOES business and life education specifically for historically marginalized creatives LOOK LIKE?

It looks like...

Bloom is dedicated to providing a space where creatives can feel supported, valued, and empowered to pursue their passions and achieve success on their own terms.

Pam creates a beautiful community space that helps cultivate connections to naturally bloom and blossom! Insightful questions that invite reflections and sharing with community, as well as supportive space!

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Pam was gentle and supportive while facilitating our group. She also offered practical advice and consistently sought to gain group buy in along the way. So grateful for her leadership.

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Bloom is a membership specifically designed to support creatives who belong to diverse and historically marginalized communities.

This is a community that's open to women, people of colour, the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, Disabled, and Non-binary folks who want to connect with like-minded individuals and receive support on their entrepreneurial journey.

Bloom is intended for individuals who are interested in pursuing or already are pursuing creative entrepreneurship and want to be a part of a supportive, diverse, and inclusive community. 

So who is Bloom: The Creative Membership for?

Join The Bloom Community

What is Bloom: The Creative Membership?

Bloom is a creative membership community designed for diverse creatives who want to grow their businesses without losing sight of their authenticity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Bloom for?

A: Bloom is for women of colour, 2SLGBTQIA+, Disabled, and Non-binary creatives who want to connect with like-minded individuals and receive support on their entrepreneurial journey.

What kind of support does Bloom offer?

Bloom offers a supportive community of creatives, resources, guidance, and exclusive access to our framework for growing heart-centered creative businesses. In the future we plan to bring in guest speakers to share their expertise in their respective fields to help you succeed in your business.

Bloom is a flexible and inclusive community that allows you to take what you need and leave what you don't. There's no mandatory participation, so you can join events or engage with the community in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Bloom is like a choose your own adventure, allowing you to shape your experience and get the support you need on your own terms.

How much does it cost to join Bloom?

A: Bloom offers monthly and annual membership plans, with prices starting at $39 CAD per month.

Is there a trial period for Bloom?

No, Bloom currently doesn’t offer a trial period but once a month we open one of our networking events up and allow current Bloom members to bring 1 friend to experience the Bloom Community.

How do I cancel my Bloom membership?

Members can cancel their monthly Bloom membership at any time by contacting our support team or accessing the cancelation option in their account settings. Members cancelling annual plans will have their annual plan expire and will not automatically renew the following year.

Will my personal information be kept private?

Yes, Bloom is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and will never share or sell personal information.

Can I connect with other members of Bloom?

A: Yes, Bloom provides multiple opportunities for members to connect with each other, including virtual events, our online social group that is always accessible to ask questions and connect, and a member directory.

What kind of creative businesses does Bloom Support?

How often are new resources and events added to Bloom?

Bloom supports a diverse range of creative businesses, including but not limited to photography, graphic design, writing, fashion design, web development, interior design, music production, dance, videography, animation, theater, crafting, culinary arts, game design, marketing, creative coaches, bloggers, influencers, and more.

Bloom is constantly updating and adding new resources and events to the community, with new content added on a monthly basis.


$39 CAD/month


$417 CAD/Year

best value!

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Save $51 CAD


$39 CAD/month


$417 CAD/Year

best value!

select the membership plan that works for you:

Save $51 CAD

3 years ago I was invited to speak to a group of refugee and immigrant girls and women and I had this whole list of notes that I ended up throwing away at the last minute. Because in briefly hearing their stories and what they were grateful for, I wanted to let them know I would always cheer them on. 

I shared with them that there are so many paths to success and that if their souls were called to work in the creative field, I would bust down every door for them that I could.

Because when I started my creative entrepreneurial journey 9 years ago, there were no creative leaders who looked like me or who had a similar background who could open to the doors for me.

It was so freaking hard some days to not only figure out how to run a business with no business background, but how to deal with the intersections of my life as a woman, person of colour, second generation kid, creative, and someone who carries a lot of trauma. 

But now after almost a decade of running a successful business and healing, it's my turn to open the doors for other historically marginalized creatives.

I'm here because I believe it's time to shake up and redistribute wealth and power in the creative industry.

I'm here to do it by creating a platform — this space, this community, for you to be seen and heard, because I know what it's like to not be seen and heard.

And I'm here to invite you into Bloom: The Creative Membership.
I hope you'll join me and many other amazing creatives in supporting each other as we walk the path of living a beautiful and full creative life.


$39 CAD/month


$417 CAD/Year

best value!

select the membership plan that works for you:

Save $51 CAD


$39 CAD/month


$417 CAD/Year

best value!

select the membership plan that works for you:

Save $51 CAD