Anti-hustle business coaching for women entrepreneurs & creatives

Have the freedom to do what you want and grow your business without sacrificing your sanity

I know what it’s like to throw your heart, body, and soul into running a business while having to wear all the hats.

I also know what it’s like to accidentally run yourself into the ground while convincing yourself that you just need to make it to the end of the month, because the next one will be different.

After years of burnout, work-induced anxiety, and trying on many hustle culture strategies to “grow and thrive”, I’ve finally found a sustainable and fulfilling approach that allows me to serve in a way that lights me up without sacrificing my well-being to survive. 

If you want a business that supports your lifestyle instead of the other way around, let’s work together to create your unique strategy to grow your business without compromising your energy, time, and sanity.

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Ways to Work Together

1:1 Coaching

Personalized business coaching with a focus on business strategy, mindset, and lifestyle management to help you reach your goals without sacrificing your health. 

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Slingshot Sessions

One off 30-minute business coaching sessions to help you get unstuck and gain momentum without the long term commitment of a full coaching package.

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Bloom: The Membership

A community for historically marginalized entrepreneurs and creatives who want to expand their network and grow their business alongside others on the same journey.

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Note to self

With Note to Self, Pam's pulling back the curtain and showing wins, challenges, and everything in between.

Think of Note to Self as a weekly check in to compare notes together. And if you're actively growing your first or second business or considering jumping into the world of entrepreneurship, Note to Self is for you. 

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