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Running your own business as a solopreneur can be a juggling act. With so many avenues from email marketing, building a website, social media, and networking events to get your voice out there, where do you even start?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re living in a vicious cycle of fear of rejection, not getting visibility, and not turning a profit, it can be hard to stay motivated and want to keep pushing forwards.

One of the biggest lessons I learned is that going in on it alone can be really hard.

While anyone can pick up a camera, it takes more than that to run a successful business. The journey we’ll embark on together isn’t a race, I’m here to help you build longevity. I will guide and hand you the tools to help run your photography business in a way that radiates your brand voice while keeping it streamlined and sustainable.

When you’re able to put out work at your highest level, you’ll kick imposter syndrome to the curb and give your clients and customers the full experience without holding back.

"I never knew how great it could be working with a content creator who GETS it. Mathilde really gets it.

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- monique, model


Learning, 3 ways

1:1 Mentorship

On demand support, coaching, and essentially me in your back pocket.

1 day intensives

Those looking for a refresh or those who are starting out and want a fast track deep dive.

Hybrid workflow integration

For photographers looking to incorporate film into their digital workflow.

1:1 Mentorships

Coaching & on demand support

If you’re looking for on demand support alongside coaching for your business as your build and grow, this is the option for you. This mentorship runs 14 weeks in length and is a one on one program that will take your business to the next level. Throughout 7 calls every 2 weeks, Pam will cover a topics related to your business & take you through a series of mini courses to help refine and hone your current creative business.

14 weeks in length

· 7 calls over 14 weeks + Voxer access
· Website & portfolio audit
· Find your brand voice
· Uncover your artistic voice
· Learn marketing for creatives

Learn how to:
· Goal set for success
· Create the mindset & narrative you need to succeed as a creative business owner
· Create powerful content & images that make people want more
· Define & attract your ideal client
· Create easy breezy client journeys
· Create repeatable workflows and systems for less time in front of the computer and more time doing what you love
· Find your balance

$2,499 or 8 monthly
payments of $349

Fast track Learning

1 Day Intensives

One day intensives are perfect for those who have been in business for a few years and are looking for a refresh. Alternatively, one day intensives can be great for anyone starting their business and want a deep dive into fast tracking their progress.

One day intensives run 7-8 hours in length and include a website and portfolio review, learn how to your artistic voice, get the pulse on marketing strategies for creatives, create seamless workflows, and a break out photography session to end the day.

Full Day
· Website & portfolio audit
· Breakout session: 1-2 hr editorial to practice skills with model
· Uncover your artistic voice
· Learn marketing for creatives

Learn how to:
· Create a better photography 
workflow for any session
· How to photograph with film 
(if applicable) 
· Work in every lighting scenario 
· Have the right tools for the 
job: an equipment guide for editorial/wedding work
· Create easy breezy client journeys


Hybrid Workflow

Film & Digital Workflow

This option is for photographers who are looking to incorporate film into their digital photography workflow. This is a 1-day intensive led by Pam and you will learn how to use film in different lighting and its nuances, Pam's workflow from start to finish, how to match film and digital, how to edit BIPOC skintones, how to use narratives and storytelling to create stronger images, and finish with a 1.5 hour photo session led by Pam on posing and how to guide your clients.

Full Day
· 1.5 hour photo session led by Pam Kriangkum

Learn how to:
· Work in every lighting scenario
· Rate film stocks + light ratios
· Have the right tools for the job: an equipment guide for editorial/weddings
· Create a workflow and manage your backend with ease
· Match film & digital images and Pam Kriangkum's workflow for success
· Edit BIPOC skintones
· Use storytelling, narratives for cohesive imagery and create moodboards for your photo sessions


Ready, set, go

Is it time to up level?

I can't wait to help you reach the next stage of your photography business!



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