3 Meaningful Traditions and How To Incorporate Your Own Traditions Into Your Wedding Day

The Siam Bangkok Wedding

Traditions come in all different forms. From those held sacred to the ones that have been loosely passed down through generations, the meaning behind it is different for everyone. Whether it is a memento that has been shared through your lineage, or a new tradition paying homage to those before you or even to the location your ceremony takes place in, you can find new ways to incorporate meaning that lasts long after the day is over.

Elements to consider that can affect what traditions you include into your wedding day can be the location of your wedding, local customs, family heirlooms, stories passed down, or even new ideas and customs that you would like to start and pass down through your family.

Here are a few examples of incorporating traditions or certain elements that have been passed down with some of my own couples.

New places, new traditions

The Siam Bangkok Wedding

Nao & Yuwa incorporated the Thai water blessing ceremony (Sang Rot Naam) into their wedding and with it being held in Bangkok, the ceremony acted as a novel way for friends and family to pay their respects to the couple while giving them the opportunity to pay homage to the city and country they had first travelled to as a couple.

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What’s old is new

Alberta Art Gallery Wedding Edmonton
For Allison & Pawel’s wedding, Allison knew she wanted to wear the wedding dress that had been passed down from her mother and grandmother. With a few alterations changing the neckline and hem by a local seamstress, the dress was updated with a more modern feel that was still able to take her from a traditional church ceremony to the ultra modern and fun wedding reception that her and Pawel dreamed up.

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Down the line

Incorporated into her wedding day attire, this handkerchief held special meaning to Sam as it had been passed down 5 generations and held onto every woman in her lineage as they walked down the aisle. Tucked into her dress, she was able to hold her family near and dear to her heart as she met her now husband Neil at the altar.

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Whether it’s incorporating traditions that have been long standing in your family or celebrating new ones, remember not to sweat it! Do what feels right and natural, and if it extends past the wedding day and it becomes something you celebrate every year (fireworks on your anniversary, a veeery special bottle of vintage? Why not!), the more joy, the merrier.