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Product photography Workshop

For small product based businesses and creatives in Edmonton, AB

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Have great products to Market but the photos don't quite match?

Whether in person or online, you know that having high quality photos of your products is paramount to drawing in new customers.

And no one ever told you that when you started your business baby, that you'd have to do it all: creating, photographing, marketing...the whole she-bang.

But hey, we're here to make the visual part of your journey easier.

In this workshop, we'll teach you the skills to take more compelling and high quality photos that will increase customer interactions with your brand/business, and help increase revenue over time as you hone your photography skills.

Need to know

This interactive in-person workshop led by commercial photographer Pam Kriangkum will teach you the basics of photo composition to create compelling product photography to attract your ideal customers. 

Not only will you learn the fundamentals that will take your photo skills to the next level, but you'll have the opportunity to practice them yourself on site. 

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  • 3 hour long in-person workshop led by commercial photographer Pam Kriangkum
  • 1-1.25 hour long teaching component
  • Small class size
  • Bring 1 or 2 of your own products for the breakout session

in person + interactive

  • Basic composition concepts for product photography
  • Lighting (natural and artificial)
  • Watch Pam style products for photography on site
  • Tips and tricks of the trade, and what's in Pam's toolkit

Teaching topics

  • Practice photographing your own products in 5-6 different product photography scenes set up by Pam
  • Styling and photo composition  help from Pam throughout the breakout session

Breakout session

The Format


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10 AM - 1 PM
9010 156 ST NW, EDMONTON, AB T5R 5X7

Product photography workshop


Do I need to invest in a professional camera for this workshop?

Nope! You don't! The camera on your phone will do, promise. While a pro camera such as a DSLR can make things look polished, this workshop is meant to help you hit the ground running so you can create the photos you need *now* without any large investments into cameras or software. Anyone with a camera on their phone can take this workshop! 

Will my photos look like professional photos?

This workshop provides foundational knowledge and is meant to teach you photo skills that will help you get your business out into the world, but it won't teach you how to take photos for a professional high end campaign. In this workshop you'll learn how to start creating photos that get your ideal client or community to interact with your product or service more, and will help begin the process of elevating your brand to another standard.

Will my photos look like Pam's photos?

While I will teach you the foundations I use to compose and take my photos, your work will look uniquely yours. Remember that Day 1 on your journey is different from where Pam is as a professional commercial and brand photographer. But compared to your competition at the same business level, this workshop will help you get ahead when it comes to taking photos

about your instructor

Pam Kriangkum

Commercial branding and Product photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I work with businesses and brands to create imagery that is clean, intentional and fun — but most importantly, I create images that increase their sales and revenue.

I look at your business from the ground up in order to create images that make an impact and have people turning heads.

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Photographer, Educator,
Chip Fiend



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