Hi, I'm Pam

I help women entrepreneurs and creatives grow their business through mindset coaching and creating business strategies that light them up without sacrificing their health.

I've always been someone who's thought outside of the box with a brain that runs a mile a minute. If you give me an idea, I'll expand in tenfold to show you all the different ways you can go.

While my mind likes to play in the future, the work I do is grounded in strategy and coming up with aligned action steps that feel good and help you get to where you want to go in your business.

I've previously worked in the creative industry for 9 years as a wedding and commercial photographer, and in digital and e-commerce marketing helping businesses scale to 7 figures.

When I started my business, I didn't have the role models I needed that had similar lived experiences as me. But now with almost a decade of entrepreneurship under my belt, it's my mission to break down the barriers to entrepreneurship and the creative industry for all historically marginalized people, especially Black and Brown women.

I do this work through business coaching by using a heart-centered approach that is rooted in empowering you and give you tailored guidance to navigate growing your business.

In working with me you not only get a business coach, but a personal cheerleader who is genuinely here to celebrate your success. I'm committed to your business and personal growth and together we'll co-create business strategies and action plans that not only propel your business forwards, but lights you up daily. I'm also here to help you expand your mindset and bust through any limiting beliefs and obstacles in your way.

I'm in, if you are. Ready to take action together?


Slow weekends, taking myself out on artist dates, my virtual network of entrepreneur and creative friends who are shattering glass ceilings

Show me how


Fun facts


Got over my fear of talking on social media by reviewing chips on Instagram Stories


Very obsessed with my westie, Opie


Started my first business at the age of 21

I'm always doing something creative. Currently: Pottery

All about

Slow mornings, leaning into joy, chips, a good morning routine, long emails, leaping into something new with courage.


Hustle culture, racism, band-aid fixes, shallow conversations, trying to measure up to other people's definition of success.

agree? If so, we're probably a great fit.

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