Photo Class

Welcome to Photo Class — led by commercial photographer, Pam Kriangkum.

This weekly photo composition class breaks down product photography into simple and approachable steps for creatives, makers, and small business owners.

Using a thematic approach, these classes will help you understand what makes a good product photo, pulls back the curtains on how the pros are creating the magic, and tips & tricks of how you can accomplish similar results at home — even if you only have access to smartphone camera.


How To Take Better Product Photos With An iPhone in 7 Minutes

Better Product photos in 7 minutes

Learn how to take better product photos on your phone in less than 7 minutes with these 3 key principles.

In this video, Pam will show you the techniques to creating better product photos and demonstrate how small adjustments to your set up can entirely change your images.

Best yet, all you need is your smartphone to get started.

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I'm Pam, Your new creative friend

Commercial and personal branding photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

I work with businesses and brands to create imagery that is clean, intentional and fun — but most importantly, I create images that increase their sales and revenue and position them as industry leaders.

I look at your business from the ground up in order to create images that have people looking twice.

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